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Forward-thinking lead generation services, web design & SEO in Chattanooga

Successful lead generation requires time and effort. Berken Media makes this process easier by using the latest technology and a forward-thinking approach to guide clients to leads that result in conversions.

Our Chattanooga SEO and web design agency, specializes in lead generation for businesses, and understands digital marketing on a level that makes the acquisition process increasingly profitable.

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Partner with us and watch your lead intakes soar!

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Our free, web-based software (LMS) includes routine consultations to explore optimization strategies with a dedicated account manager. Plus, unlimited licensing.

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Since we don’t rely on third-party advertisers or affiliates and pre-screen all prospects, every lead we deliver meets your firm’s exact set of standards.

Highly trained call center

Want to scale up quickly without hiring and no long-term commitment? Our U.S.-based staff works 24/7 with over a 70% contact rate.

Lead quality data in real time

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A Better Approach to Finding Better Leads

Lead generation is, at its core, about connecting interested consumers with businesses that offer the product or service they are seeking.
Our approach to this process is guided by three defining principles:

The value of new customers

we are responsible for cultivating interest and for facilitating acquisition that evolves into relationships.



We strive to utilize the latest technology available to make our lead generation services more efficient and effective.


Innovative Thinking

It pays to stay ahead of the curve and think outside of the box. When clients need solutions, we provide them.

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